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Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coats
A leather jacket is an expensive investment, so it’s a good idea to do a large amount of research before making your selection. But it feels like there is an almost inexhaustible list of styles to choose from, and a wide budget to spend. To find the best leather – and non-leather – Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coats out there, we asked nine fashion-conscious people, from stylists to editors and curators, to give us their favorites, whether they be a made to measure classic or an entry-level faux.

A note on buying: Although new leather can feel stiff, part of the beauty of owning a leather jacket is that the more you wear it, the softer and more fitted the leather will become, gradually taking the shape of your body. The stiffer the leather, the longer this will take, and although you could buy vintage to circumnavigate this, it’s satisfying to slip into a jacket that you have worn-in perfectly.

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